Best Welding Helmet 2018 - Guide & Reviews

When it involves welding, not anything is greater important than having the satisfactory welding helmet to your desires. Being capable of seeing what you’re doing while also being included from blinding lights and sparks are essential to make sure your fitness and safety at the activity.

I’ve been welding and grinding for years, and I’ve had plenty of enjoyment with diverse helmets, and I want to proportion my know-how with you today. Whether you’re an amateur welder or a veteran like me, you can find what you’re searching out right here Best auto darkening welding helmets.

I have managed a list of some of the first-rate helmets you could locate anywhere, in addition to creating an available guide to help you find out the right helmet to your paintings site.

Choosing the Best Welding Helmet

Back in the old days, selecting a helmet changed into a far less stressful method. Most of the welders had a unit with a single color that they used for all jobs. These days, however, the cutting-edge generation has made the average welding helmet plenty extra sophisticated.

So that means which you want to pay a bit extra interest to what functions are offered. That being stated, here are 5 things to keep in mind while picking out your helmet.

Standard vs. Auto Darkening

When I first began out my welding profession, I used a hand-me-down from my dad. His became a vintage faculty, general shade helmet. It labored fine for the maximum of my jobs, but once I got a taste of automatic, I knew that I should in no way go lower back.

A vehicle darkening helmet is a device that senses while you are operating and adjusts the shade level for this reason. That manner, you can see what you’re doing while no longer welding, and you could set the whole thing on your personal preference. Here are some pros and cons of every kind.

View Screen Size

Personally, I feel like one of the greater important components of a welding helmet is the viewing location. If you couldn't see what you’re doing, then what’s the factor?

I favor to have a helmet with a wider view display so I can see more of the entirety, but lamentably most computerized helmets have a narrow window with which to work.

Part of the motive is that a smaller surface location requires less power for the sensors, so you are going to get much less screen space than you would with a standard shade version.

Nonetheless, positive helmets have wider viewing areas than others, so locate one which suits your eyesight the exceptional and go together with that.

Welding Rating

As I referred to above, a part of the purpose human beings bears in mind automated helmets because the satisfactory welding helmets these days is they can be adjusted to work on a greater variety of activity websites than a standard model.

Thus, while deciding on your helmet, make sure that it's far rated for the type of work you’ll be doing. For the maximum part, all helmets are designed for Stick, MIG, and TIG welding, however now not all of them are appropriate for laser or plasma welding, not to mention grinding.

Depending on your work, make certain to get a unit which could take care of it all.

Design and Color

At certainly one of my first job sites, they issued all people a helmet when you obtain employed. Since they were all standard, absolutely everyone got an all-black layout. To help us keep the music of them, they needed to spray paint massive numbers on the side, so we didn’t get them mixed up.

Thankfully, with my present-day activity, we can use our helmets, which means that I can pick out a layout and color scheme that matches my fashion.

Depending on the emblem you get, you may be able to pick out from a variety of various helmets, which additionally approach that you could stand proud of anyone else, and you don’t should fear about every body by accident taking it (despite the fact that intentionally is some other tale).


Finally, the final component you should observe on your helmet is whether or not or now not it's miles well suited with a tough hat or a cheater lens.

Depending on the paintings you do, a difficult that may be necessary; this means that your helmet has to house the bigger size. Most welding helmets can be custom designed to suit a difficult hat, however no longer they all.

Similarly, cheater lenses can be essential for your paintings (or in case you choose to work with a magnifier like me), which means that which you need a helmet that could keep an extra lens. Many of the better stop fashions can try this; however, if you get an inexpensive model, you may now not be capable of. 

Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

As one of the great manufacturers of welding helmets available on the market these days, I even have to mention that I have splendid admire for all Antra products.

This brand has an inherent ability for attention to an element, and most of the goods they make are top-great. The degree of detail is well-known on all Antra helmets, so it’s becoming that we’re kicking off the list with the AH6-260-0000 Auto Darkening Helmet.

When speaking about automobile-darkening capabilities, what’s surely critical is the range of sensors. The naked minimum you can escape with is two (one on both side), but the AH6 has you blanketed by supplying four.

That manner flashing is much less of a challenge average, and you may get the most specific color adjustment viable.

AUDET Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

If you want greater bang for your buck, then our next helmet, the AUDEW Auto is for you.

While this is not pretty at the extent of the Antra AH6, I have to mention that I am nonetheless inspired via the performance of this version. As a bonus, I even like the skull design that includes it.

As I referred to, while speaking about auto-darkening helmets, you have to take note of the quantity of sensors. While this specific version best has two, they do paintings remarkably nicely.

Personally, I’m constantly paranoid approximately flashing. However, this helmet appears to do the process as well as something with four sensors, so that you don’t ought to worry.The mask also turns on and rancid mechanically to help maintain the battery.

For many welders, this is the nice welding helmet to go for. An excellent choice! 

Antra AH7-860-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Most of all, we come to the Antra AH7-860-0000 Auto Darkening Helmet. Much just like the AH6 version, this helmet has the whole thing you’re searching out.

When evaluating this to the Jackson Safety Insight, both helmets have a whole lot of comparable features, that is why they are both my top alternatives.

First off, this helmet has four unbiased sensors, because of this that flashing is much less of a situation, and you could cross from mild to darkish amazingly rapid.

Other capabilities of this helmet consist of clean to apply digital controls, a step-much less postpone gadget, customizable color settings, and a sun-powered rechargeable battery. The batteries are also without difficulty replaceable and built to last up to 5000 hours earlier than wanting to be modified.

Final Verdict

When seeking to choose out the fine welding helmet, it could be tough to pick. Overall, but, my top picks might be anything with four sensors and the potential to paintings with a cheater lens.

I might pretty propose the Jackson Safety Helmet, each Antra Models, or the Instapark ADF helmet.

That’s no longer to mention that the others are less nice or will not paintings effectively, but given my years of experience, I understand what I like.

If you’re only beginning out, but, you can locate that sure features are greater vital than others, relying on your work and personal options.

If you are looking for which you need more vital records to make your thoughts. Read our new welding helmet reviews on your website online.

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