You've invested a whole lot of time locating the ideal bath curtain, liner, and shower rod. Now it is time for the completion: finding the first-class way to dangle your Best Shower Curtain Rods.

Consider the following options to cling your perfect bathe curtain:


Shower rings poke thru the curtain holes, encircle the rod, and clip back together with both a snap or a twist. Rings are available in a selection of materials to satisfy your price range and needs. Plastic jewelry is most priceless costly, even as steel earrings are smooth and elegant. Consider using special jewelry to hold both your shower curtain and liner. For earrings that slide without difficulty, try energy glides (also known as ring rollers). These teardrop-shaped metal jewelry have attached ball bearings (or rollers) on the pinnacle, allowing them to slide alongside the shower rod quickly.


Hooks are usually shaped like an “S” or a “?”. Like bathe rod jewelry, hooks are to be had in a variety of substances and finishes, such as the power glides. Unlike rings, however, hooks are frequently decorated with an accessory on the end that pokes out of the bath curtain, providing you with a risk to feature a touch of decoration for your lavatory. Hooks are great used at the shower curtain (in place of the lining) in which the decoration can be visible.

 Double-Sided Hooks

Looking for a fee efficient manner to hold both your bath curtain and your shower liner? Consider double-sided hooks. These asymmetrical hooks take a seat on a pinnacle of your shower rod, and curve down like a lopsided W on either aspect, allowing you to dangle the liner on the inner of the tub, and the curtain at the outside the use of the same hooks.

 Hookless Curtain

Haven’t offered your curtain yet and aren’t interested in rollers or hooks? Consider the benefits of investing in a hookless curtain. Hookless curtains don’t have holes for jewelry or hooks. Instead, they are…


Threaded – Designed with a hole that threads down the duration of the bathe rod, these curtains ensure that your curtain will pass on and live on.

Velcro – A simple solution for taking over and off with none problem, given quick and clean washes.

Ties – Fashionable and fun, a tied bathe curtain is active to feature flare to the bathroom. Be sure, however, that the binds are a company so that they don’t come loose at an inconvenient second.


The slide is Best – Whichever technique you select to dangle your curtains, you’ll need to make certain that the material without difficulty slides along the bathe rod when dry or moist. Curtains or rollers that bunch or snag at the rod can tear the curtain, or maybe cause journeys and falls, growing a protection chance.

Set of 12 – If you invest in rollers or jewelry, be sure to check the amount inside the package. Shower curtains usually come with twelve holes, but now not all ring or curler programs consist of 12 of their bundle.